Backyard Living for the Whole Family – Dunwoody, GA

All South Outdoor received a call from two homeowners who recently purchased a new house in Dunwoody and wanted to make the backyard a safer place for their small children to play as well as a great place to entertain for the adults and families. They were referred to All South by a relative who hired us several years ago to install a residential chain link fence.

After meeting with the homeowners to learn their needs and style, we presented a few fence and deck options at different budget levels. Though the homeowners wanted more privacy, they wanted to maintain an open environment and not be totally secluded from neighbors. All South installed a simple, but decorative fence to enclose the backyard and create a play area where their small children are safe and secure. A semi-private design, the fence provides a secure border for the children and just enough privacy from the neighbors without creating a solid wall around the yard.

The deck required more design and planning. The homeowners wanted to expand the existing deck to create a space that offered protection from the weather while maintaining an open, outdoor feel. Expanding the deck meant adding support and extending the roofline to offer a covered area.

During construction of the new deck, structural issues were discovered on the existing portion. We reinforced all supports and improved the overall structure, including bringing it all up to current building code.  The front of the deck and the side remain uncovered – leaving a traditional deck space of sunshine and open air for grilling. A quick step under the covered area provides cool shade and protection from rain.

The end result is a safer, spacious deck and enclosed backyard the whole family can enjoy. The children play freely while the parents enjoy the view from their seats – rain or shine.


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